Atlantida's documentation for developers

Format of the dictionaries

Text dictionary files have extension ".atladict"
The encoding is UTF-8.
Lines separated by 0xA which is standard EOL for Unix. (In Windows EOL is 2 bytes: 0xD 0xA)
First 3 lines makes a header:
Dictionary_File_Format_Version= [file format version number]
Dictionary_File_Type=[translation | transcription]
Dictionary_File_Copyright=[Copyright info]
Then goes the buddy of the dictionary.
Each line contains a key phrase and its translation (or definition). Key-phrases separated from the translation by two spaces.
At the end goes the footer:
Quantity_of_paragraphs= [quantity of key phrases in this dictionary]

For example:

Dictionary_File_Copyright=Blah blah blah
home  place where I live
bus  big fat car
stop  do not move
Quantity_of_paragraphs=3 Logo