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What is Atlantida
Atlantida is a free (GPL, open source) multilingual dictionary.

How to install and run Atlantida
First of all, make sure you have Sun's Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE a.k.a j2re) installed on your computer. You can type "java -version" at the command line to check it. You can download JRE from or from

Second, you need to download dictionary data files from Look into "atla_data" package. Get those you need, and put them into some folder like "C:\my-stuff\my-atla-dicts\" on Windows or "~/my-stuff/my-atla-dicts/" on Unix.

Third, you need to download the Atlantida program from
Look into "atla" package and get the "atlaXX.jar" file. Put the "atlaXX.jar" file into some folder where you keep all your program files, like "C:\programs\atla\" or "~/bin/atla/"

Now, that you have all the ingredients, open the command line window and switch into the folder where you have put the "atlaXX.jar" file, and run it:
java -jar atlaXX.jar
(On some systems you can run a jar file by simply double-clicking it, but then you won't see some informative error messages, which for example may hint you why it's not working.)
When you run Atlantida for the first time, it will ask you for the folder where you have put the dictionary files, and it will create some more files there for indexing. For the first run and each time you add or remove a dictionary, Atlantida will re-generate the index files. The process of generation of index files takes a lot of memory. If you've got OutOfMemoryError - you should increase the maximum heap size using -Xmx option. For example:
java -Xmx500000000 -jar atlaXX.jar

If you are looking for the old QT version of this page, you can find it here

If you are looking for dictionaries format description and other internal info, check out Documentation for Developers.

Well, that will do for now. If you still have any difficulties installing or running it, please do not hesitate to ask me.
-- Sergei S.

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